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As an entrepreneur, your attitude sets the pace for everything else you do. No matter how talented, smart or resourceful you are, if your attitude is lacking your overall success will suffer as a result. Research has shown time and time again that positive thinkers tend to get ahead. Here at Capital Michigan we offer some tips for maintaining a positive attitude.

‘There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’

– Shakespeare, Hamlet (Act 2, Scene ii, 1601)

Find the Lighter Side

At Capital Michigan we know that running a business is a serious undertaking, but it’s important to make time to relax and find some humor or lighthearted fun often. Not only will this reduce your stress levels, but it will also make you more charismatic and make sure that more people want to do business with you.

Be Hungry

You may be a naturally understated person, but people love to be excited, and if you show your excitement about things, people will want to be around you. Don’t be afraid to show some passion and hunger for your goals. When you do this, you will automatically attract people with the same goals into your circle.

Figure Out Your Incentive

Many people are in business to create more financial wealth, but this is not true for everyone. For some people it is family, self-actualization, knowledge, security, freedom and many other things. If you’re working really hard, and not working to maximise your actual incentives, you will always feel unfulfilled. If you are driven by knowledge for example and you reach your first million but haven’t learn anything new, you could quite easily feel you’ve achieved nothing.

Be Your Own Coach

Capital Michigan knows that the human mind is capable of holding multiple, even conflicting ideas at once. Even if you feel negative, unmotivated or lacking in excitement, step outside of that and start to tell yourself how you want to feel. You have the power to affect your own mindset, so why not use it?


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At Capital we have read many business writers opinions about the simple importance of two words in business. The word ‘yes’ and the word ‘no’, and the strategic importance of knowing when to use which. In a culture where positivity is paramount, it’s easy to get mired down in saying yes to everything, and lose the focus that leads to success. On the contrary a person who says no all the time can miss many opportunities. Gaining a focused and determined mindset is fundamentally linked to mastering these words and their targeted usage.

However here at Capital we’d like to take this idea one step further. We believe that any simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is a missed opportunity. Instead, you can supercharge the positive outcomes of any scenario, by making two simple edits to these common responses.

“Yes, and…”

Simply saying yes to a suggestion or idea creates an opportunity, but also simultaneously creates a cap on the potential of that opportunity. Every time you say ‘yes’, try instead creating more opportunity by expanding upon and complementing the original statement. Not only will you gain more opportunity from interactions, but you will gain a reputation as a proactive person.

“I think we should do x.”

“Yes, and as well as that, let’s do y.”

“No, but…”

It is an absolute certainty that in your career you will have to say no to an idea or request. However this doesn’t have to be a negative. At Capital we believe that any negative can be converted and re-framed into a positive, by recognizing any value it does have, and using it as a basis for something positive. Try following your ‘no’ with some positive feedback, or an offer of an alternative to the suggestion.

“I think we should do x.”

“No that won’t work, but I can see what you’re going for. Let’s figure out another solution.”

“I think we should do x.”

“No, but how about we do y instead.”

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Marketing firms from across the world understand how crucial it is to sell clients and targeted audiences alike on the benefits of a product or service. In a world in which consumers and shoppers continue to become more selective in their habits – largely due to increased competition and availability – outlining what a person or business can expect to gain is paramount. Capital’s top-level marketing strategies revolve around providing benefits and results to their clients on a consistent basis, but professional firms understand the need to periodically reconnect with clients on important topics. Recently, Capital announced in a sit-down with clients which benefits can expected with consistent direct marketing efforts.

Many forms of direct marketing offer the ability for brands and businesses to experiment with new ideas in a way that other forms of marketing might not, according to Capital’s President Mike Rosenberg “Convincing retailers and suppliers to stock a specific product can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor that does not always pan out”, he said. “If a client wishes to market a particular product when a retailer is not willing to take the risk, then direct marketing approaches allow them to do just that without delay”. Particularly in regards to untested consumer audiences, direct marketing makes it possible to inexpensively reach individuals to see if such audiences are receptive.

Direct marketing also provides brands and clients with the ability to very accurately measure conversion rates, which was a key point that Capital illustrated in its conference call with clients. In addition, it becomes much easier to interact directly with potential customers and consumers in a variety of ways. Not only can brands communicate and follow-up with those who purchase products and services, but surveys and consumer feedback can be solicited from the general population in a much easier way.

Some marketing firms have shifted away from direct marketing tactics due to the influence that web-based marketing and digital marketing now provide in order to reach new markets. Established and qualified marketing firms like Capital understand that no marketing effort should place all of its eggs in one basket; a variety of marketing approaches generate the most diversified and successful results. Capital and other firms will continue to consult with clients on a regular basis in order to ensure that clients are abreast of all potential strategies in an ever-changing marketing dynamic.


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